Cloud-based last mile delivery solution helps distribution-intensive companies improve operational efficiency and customer experience

Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that U.K. headquartered Professional Paper Supplies (PPS) is using Descartes’ last mile delivery solution to modernise and improve its delivery operations as part of a major digital transformation program. By automating manual processes, the Descartes solution has allowed PPS’ Transport Manager to save approximately 25 hours per week planning deliveries and routes. The solution also helped PPS gain 17 hours of productive time daily across its team of 17 drivers, or 1 hour/day/driver, which the company is devoting to more deliveries per day, staff training, and other strategic imperatives. 

“Our business has transformed many dated manual operations to become more efficient, productive and profitable thanks to digitisation. We started with our enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management system (WMS) solutions before centering on last-mile delivery improvements,”

said Jon Robshaw, Transport Manager, PPS.

“The Descartes solution shortens the time it takes to load our 250 daily orders into the best available vehicle, as well as to plan and route the optimal sequence of next-day deliveries—all while prioritising economical efficiencies. It’s also replaced the use of printed delivery notes with electronic proof-of-delivery, saving paper and providing our customers with a modern consumer-like delivery experience.” 

Descartes’ cloud-based last mile delivery solution helps distribution-intensive companies improve operational efficiency and customer experience. It supports dynamic delivery requirements, including same-day delivery, by offering flexible, efficient and cost-effective time windows and delivery options. The Descartes solution improves route productivity by using advanced optimization technology to reduce the distance driven per delivery, which maximises delivery capacity and reduces costs. With an integrated GPS-based mobile application, the solution coordinates drivers, dispatchers and call centres to ensure that routes are executed according to plan and exceptions are handled efficiently. Electronic proof-of-delivery (ePOD) captures delivery details and helps streamlines the delivery process and self-service customer engagement allows customers to track their orders in real-time. The solution improves delivery sustainability through increased route productivity which results in less CO2 per delivery and eliminates paper manifests and delivery documents.

“We’re pleased that our solution is playing an important role for PPS as part of its digital transformation journey,” said Gary Taylor, VP Sales, EMEA at Descartes. “With changes in customer ordering patterns and greater pressure for same-day and next-day deliveries, delivery performance has never been more important for distribution companies. Descartes has a proven track record of investing in leading last mile strategies and technologies that help to keep its customers at the forefront of distribution excellence.”  

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