GoPlugable, the pioneering EV home charger-sharing platform, has announced the official launch of its mobile application-based marketplace following a highly successful beta testing phase, marking a significant milestone as the island of Ireland’s first EV home charger-sharing initiative.

Co-founded just 11 months ago by Queen’s University Belfast and Dundalk Institute of Ireland alumni – Maebh Reynolds and Andrine Mendez – and supported by local enterprises including Enterprise Ireland and Techstart NI, GoPlugable has quickly gained traction in the sustainable transportation sector. With a mission to make EV charging affordable, convenient, and accessible, GoPlugable is committed to being all-Ireland’s largest private EV charging network, connecting and empowering communities, and promoting sustainability in the EV industry.

During its beta testing phase, the GoPlugable app saw over 200 downloads and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, demonstrating strong interest and engagement from the community. This successful beta testing phase has been instrumental in refining the user experience, ensuring a seamless transition to the official launch.

Commenting on the launch, Maebh Reynolds, CEO and co-founder of GoPlugable expressed: “Maebh Reynolds, CEO and co-founder of GoPlugable expressed: “We’re delighted to be taking this next step forward in revolutionising EV charging on the island of Ireland. We’re proud to be addressing the needs of over 37% of new EV drivers who currently lack access to an EV home charger. With GoPlugable, we’re providing a solution to boost accessibility to EV ownership and create a positive change towards a greener future. We’re grateful for the support of our local enterprise ecosystems and the enthusiastic response from the EV community. As we look ahead in transportation, GoPlugable is leading the way with a practical and forward-looking approach that fits what people and the environment need.”

In line with the government’s vision for Climate Action Plans, GoPlugable is further solidifying its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. GoPlugable has raised a total of £150,000 in grants and competitions, showcasing strong support from both public and private sectors. With expansion plans on the horizon, GoPlugable is also initiating fundraising initiatives to fuel its growth and impact.

GoPlugable is now open for investment, seeking angel investors and funds to join its journey towards a greener future. For more information about the app, visit; for more information about investing, visit