When did you take up your position with the company and what does your role involve?

The business was set up in June last year. I am the MD. I have been working in telecoms for over 25 years being a director at some of largest UK Mobile resellers but wanted to set up my own business. Involved in day to day running of the business but really enjoy finding and helping new customers

Who else is in the senior management team besides you?

My old friend Chris Griffin. We have worked together for many years in various telecom organisations

How big is your organisation today?

Currently supporting over 200 customers, across a variety of sectors, but concentrating on logistics and the domicillary care sector

What’s your USP that sets you apart from other companies?

“We Care”! We pride ourselves on the personal touch with a real can do attitude to help solve customer issues. We are fortunate to have direct relationships with Three and Vodafone which means our pricing is very competitive supported by excellent support

Can you tell us in more detail about what technology you use?

For mobile devices we recommend the Oukitel rugged phones. These are sometimes knows as “the word’s strongest Smartphone” due to the rugged casing. Exceptional Battery is life is about 3 times as long as many competitors as well as being dustproof and Waterproof. Many of our customers also use our Mobile Device Management platform. Includes features such as tracking of phone, remote deployment and updating of apps, central control to view critical information like battery % as well as ability to remote wipe the phone if it is lost or stolen.

Can you talk us through how clients use your services?

Most Courier providers use our business mobiles contracts to provide the drivers with robust reliable handsets. They know that the device is fit for purpose,rugged with an excellent battery, and has good screen size so that they apps are easy to use. The Mobile Device Management means that they always know where their drivers are and they can monitor what is happening with their deliveries

What do you see as the biggest external factors currently driving demand for your services?

Many of the larger delivery companies are no longer providing company issued devices for using their apps, but are providing the franchisees with a “phone allowance”. This is forcing the franchises to go out and find their own mobile solutions

What are the key elements for the business in achieving a positive customer service experience?

Personal support. We are not a large corporate with call centres where you never speak to the same person twice. Customers will always speak to the same people, have the mobile numbers of all key contacts in the business so they can be contacted at anytime

Another trend in business is for everyone to want integrated, seamless, joined up information. What are you offering in response?

Mobile Device Management means that the Franchise owners have a wealth of information on driver usage at their fingertips. They can even access this information from your own mobile phone when out of the office

What opportunities and challenges have you been presented with in recent times?

Opportunity is the major logistics providers no longer issuing company devices to Franchisees

How important is energy efficiency in your business and have you made any investment into energy saving recently?

Not in our business but the Oukitel phones use the latest MediaTEL MT6762D core processer to limit the energy usage and maximise battery life

Any plans for acquisitions or investments?

Always looking for ways to grow our business but nothing confirmed

Where do you see the company going from here?

Our challenge here is to keep growing the customer base but not losing the personal touch which differentiates us from our competitors. We will keep looking for telecom solutions that make the lives easier for each individual courier company