Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, a business unit of Bridgestone EMIA, and Bia, a software company that has built a platform to forecast, monitor and optimize electric vehicle (EV) charging, have joined forces to enter a partnership to help power and optimize fleet electrification.

In addition to building its own partner ecosystem across the mobility industry, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions’ investment into Bia aligns with the company’s strategy to be a leader in sustainable mobility solutions.

The collaboration will benefit fleets with electric vehicles, by providing innovative and fast-paced smart charging solutions, ranging from optimising charging processes to reducing costs, shaving peak loads, managing battery health, and delivering flexible charging that is cheaper and more sustainable.

Candace Saffery Neufeld, CEO and founder of Bia, commented: “Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Bia will work together, leveraging fleet data to optimize EV charging for green and low-priced charges, smooth loads, and low battery degradation. This way we can ensure that the charging is cleaner, cheaper and available when needed.’

Jan-Maarten de Vries, CEO Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, said: “We strongly believe in the electrification of fleets. Our Webfleet EV fleet management solution already helps businesses at every step of the electrification journey, from planning the switch and deploying EVs, to monitoring their usage, reducing running costs and everything else that is needed to get the full value from going electric.

“This partnership with Bia supports our ambitions to help fleet electrification, while utilising data analytics to provide flexibility and optimisation in fleet management. We’re excited to take the next steps in this emerging smart charging market and to help unlock the full potential of e-mobility for a successful clean energy transition.”

The Bia partnership aligns with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment that serves as the axis to drive management while earning the trust of future generations.

The Bridgestone E8 Commitment consists of eight Bridgestone-like values starting with the letter ‘E’ (Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease, and Empowerment) that Bridgestone will commit to creating together with employees, society, partners and customers to realise a sustainable society.

(Main photo: L/R)

  • Jan-Maarten de Vries, CEO Bridgestone Mobility Solutions
  • Taco van der Leij, Vice President of Webfleet Europe
  • Candace Saffery Neufeld, CEO and founder of Bia
  • Michiel Wesseling, Chief Operations Officer Bridgestone Mobility Solutions