Leading building products manufacturer Forterra has marked National Lorry Week (24th– 30th October) with a substantial investment in its trucking fleet.

Following an investment of nearly £12 million into its fleet in 2021, Forterra has invested a further £8 million to add another 30 Volvo lorries, making a total of 200 vehicles in its nationwide fleet.

Located throughout the Midlands and the North, the latest additions have been carefully selected by Ian Wiles, Forterra’s fleet engineering manager, to deliver the best fuel figures possible.

Ian explained Forterra’s approach to the new vehicles, “As a business we are really keen to be trying to push the green button wherever we can. This is one way we can really try and have a positive impact. This purchase means that 90% of the delivery fleet are Euro 6 vehicles, something Forterra committed to as part of our sustainability pledge.

“The new trucks use Volvo’s ultra-fuel-efficient I-Save engine, which has to be one of the, if not the, most fuel-efficient options available in the market. We’re also utilising the latest driver coaching technology, which has had a real impact on fuel-efficiency already.

“It’s not all based on the engine. Goodyear A-rated tyres – which boost fuel economy and also aid stability when the trucks are offloading due to their low profile – also aid the end result, as does specifying the trucks to be as light as physically possible without compromising performance.

“Forterra is committed to doing the right thing environmentally. While we’ve investigated other fuel options, we knew we were going to have to stick with diesel in the short to medium term, so we wanted to make sure we had the most sustainable and effective solution as physically possible.”

Forterra prioritises sustainability in all aspects of the business, investing over £100 million in solar farms and more efficient technology at its Desford and Wilnecote sites which are currently undergoing renovation.